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Psychokinetic can partner anywhere along your product innovation and design lifecycle. Bring us along the entire product journey or just a particular stage.

Innovation Strategy

Employing a Design Thinking process is essential to modern product development. PK has partnered with several Innovation Labs to incubate ideas into products and services. The key is understanding the problem inside and out, from the business needs to the customer pains. Only then can you put the right innovation processes in motion. 

Design Research

Understanding your customer is key. We help our partners determine the right ways to engage customers to draw out critical insights. PK has research partners to help facilitate learning from users at all stages of the design process--from primary generative activities to lean experimentation to design validation testing. 


The Design Thinking process is dynamic; shepherding a team from data to insight to idea to execution is quite a task. PK has experiences and techniques to help teams move forward. We can design and facilitate research synthesis, brainstorming, planning and more. We can also coalesce the output of such sessions in to journey lines, frameworks and other artifacts. 


Many find a blank sheet of paper intimidating. It excites us. We help partners take customer insights to generate a multitude solution ideas. Flaring is a specialty of ours; we find most stop brainstorming too early. Once we generate a broad field of ideas, we help you narrow on key ones.  Another speciality of ours is taking a kernel of an idea and fleshing it out into a concept.

Interaction Design

Once you know what you want to build and what it needs to do, Psychokinetic can design the customer experience. We use UX principles and behavioral economic principle to work out the right interface, be it on mobile, web, smart watch, voice, or IoT device. We can take it from early wireframes to detailed specification, and work well in agile development environments. 


The best way to vet an idea is to try it. Based on your stage of development, we determine the right level of prototype needed to get the answers you seek. We have all levels of prototypes:  hand drawn paper mockups, click-thru wireframes,  immersive shopping simulations, and near realistic digital simulations with real data. 

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