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Psychokinetic has over 20 years of UX, Design, and Innovation experience. M@ Homier is the founder and its primary consultant. Psychokinetic is based in San Francisco, but has extensive experience with remote consulting, giving it worldwide reach.

About M@

Matt Homier took began signing his emails with the moniker ‘M@‘ from his first email accounts in the early 90s.

M@ started with UX back when it was still called HCI (human computer interface). As an industrial design major in college, he teamed up with few other designers and HCI grads to participate in Apple’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) College Design Challenge. The challenge - solve a problem for a group of people using technology up to 10 years in the future. They chose people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. After spending time with them at support groups, nursing homes, and other settings, the team envisioned the Athena Tablet, a digital memory book and therapy tool. More on Athena to come. 

With this as his launch point, M@ started out his career creating multimedia applications and CD-ROMs.  When those quickly became passé, he moved to designing web applications. In 2000, he moved to San Francisco and began consulting at Fitch on products web apps in the dot com boom at the time. When the party ended M@ launched Psychokinetic and consulted on UX problems for all types of companies. 

After a few years, M@ joined full-time with one of his clients, Intuit. He helped kick off Quicken’s first UX design team, helping revitalize the personal finance experience.  When Quicken looked to expand it’s reach by incubating new products and services, he became a lead designer in many new products like Quicken Rental Property, PortfolioMinder, and Quicken Health.  

Also while at Intuit, M@ became an Innovation Catalyst. A group of people of all backgrounds trained to bring design thinking and innovation practices to their teams, making it an every day practice. Here he expanded his design thinking credentials, as well as learned how to facilitate and inspire people. 

One of the incubated products lead to the purchase of Digital Insight, a banking software company. M@ led the UX of the web applications, focusing on simplifying the online banking experience and later innovating new products for banking customers. When Intuit spun off Digital Insight, M@ became the XD team leader and manager, as well as the head of the Innovation Catalysts.  Later on M@ joined DI Labs, working on incubating tech and products.

Now M@ has relaunched Psychokinetic and providing design and innovation services to clients like First Data and McAfee. 


Beyond the spoon bending trick, M@ has several tricks up his sleeve.

Design Thinking and Innovation Coaching
M@ has been steeped in the design process since college. It’s an every day practice. He also has the power to share this with teams: teaching, coaching, & facilitating.
Interaction and Product Design
From early concept generation and testing, to working details out with build teams, M@ has been building product for 20 years. He is particularly good at blue sky development, where he has the ability to make connections others may overlook.
Rapid Prototyping
M@’s start in multimedia has morphed into the ability to rapidly create realistic facsimiles of products to test with real people. You can debate all you want over a design, until it is in someone’s hand, its all hot air. 
Research and Visual Design
These are the other skills that help bring a great design to life. Although M@ has skills in these areas, he knows there are those with much higher power levels than his. When these skills are required, he brings in his team of Super Friends.